Nature and Routes

The landscape of Horcajuelo de la Sierra

It is characterized by different ecosystems depending on the topography and the historical use that has been given to the land. Plots of orchards and meadows are interspersed with areas of forest where the predominant species is the oak. Other forest species such as ash, alder, poplars and wild plums form small patches of vegetation or riverside forests along the banks of the Garita and Grande streams where moisture and soil conditions are most favourable. In the higher areas, the forest mass has almost disappeared giving way to different shrubs: brooms, rockrose and juniper in the higher areas and aromatic species such as lavender and thyme.

Our trails

They are designed to enjoy a unique environment without having to be in great physical shape. These are routes that can be done at any time of the year. Each season has its own peculiar charm, although autumn and spring are the most recommended seasons for the colourful richness of our landscapes. It is also in these seasons when it is easier to see the fauna as its level of activity increases.

In any of our tours

We will be able to observe the flight of griffon vultures moving in large flocks, the golden eagle in its permanent search for small mammals or the booted eagle, the smallest of our eagles that migrates in the cold months to the African continent. If we choose to go for a nocturnal walk, we will be lucky to see the eagle owl fleetingly moving among its hunting watchtowers.

Reptiles and amphibians

They live in the banks of streams, along the edges of the stone fences that offer them protection, in ponds and meadows and in the town centre. The ocellated lizard, the largest in the Iberian Peninsula (very easy to identify by the blue ocelli on the neck), different species of frogs and toads such as the San Antonio frog or the common toad can be seen and heard throughout the municipality.

It is at dusk and dawn

That our chances of seeing mammals increase: foxes, wild boars, badgers, roe deer and a multitude of small rodents live and move around the territory in search of food.